In the wake of California’s passage of Proposition 8, a group of gay and lesbian families are taking to the airwaves with 30-second Public Service Announcements (PSAs) that are airing throughout the state.  Their purpose is to capture the hearts and minds of people who do not understand why marriage is so important to us.  Our message:

Marriage promotes families.

Support marriage equality

Get to know us first.

1. Xavier & Michael

2. Sonia & Gina

  1. 3.Miguel & Ru

  2. 4.Diane & Robin

  3. 5.Duncan & John

We ran our ads on broadcast and cable television in a high-profile launch in January & February 2009 during the Presidential Inauguration, the Super Bowl, the NAACP Image Awards and The Oscars.

Since our launch, we have put nearly $250,000 worth of ads onto broadcast and cable television across California... reaching a majority of our state's voting population.

We continue to air our PSAs during daytime and prime time, focused on 42 of California’s 58 counties, where Proposition 8 received a majority of the vote.  Our campaign profiles five gay and lesbian families, some with children, others not and we have ads in English and Spanish.

For more information, contact John at (323) 284-5552.

Adopt a Congregation

The PSAs

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6. Sonia & Gina (Spanish)

7. Miguel & Ru (Spanish)

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Hummingbird Heart by The Flutterbies is’s theme song (see Behind the Scenes).  The album is on sale at Amoeba Records and Laemmle & Angelika are currently featuring the single in-theater during previews!  Learn more here...BehindTheScenes.htmlBehindTheScenes.htmlhttp://theflutterbies.comThePSAs_files/R_Family_Vacations%27_SHREK-TACULAR_FUN-RAISER_1.pdfshapeimage_15_link_0shapeimage_15_link_1shapeimage_15_link_2